oh look, there’s a whore fight among lakers’ wives!

oh look, there’s a whore fight among lakers’ wives!
June 23, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

So as it turns out, Vanessa Bryant, who is apparently famous for being married to Kobe Bryant and absolutely nothing else since I have no idea who she is, is in a feud with Khloé Kardashian. For those who don’t know, Khloé is the Kardashian sister who looks like a slutty golem and fake married one of The Lakers. Aaaaaaaaaaand let the whore fight commence!

According to an insider, Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, “hates” Khloé and her entire family, whom she sees as attention-grabbing fame-seekers. And instead of hiding her feelings, Vanessa refuses to have anything to do with the 26-year-old. “She won’t sit anywhere near Khloé at Lakers games,” the insider reveals, adding that because of Vanessa’s dislike of her, Khloé has been shut out of the tight-knit circle the other Lakers’ wives have formed. “At a dinner for the wives, Vanessa didn’t want to invite Khloé,” the insider shares. “She said Khloé is a ‘fake wife,’ and she didn’t want fake wives there.” SOURCE

Oh boohoo. Give me a second, I think I left the world’s smallest violin right next to the rat’s ass I could give. Seriously, being the most famous amongst The Lakers’ wives is like being the skinniest person at fat camp, if everyone at fat camp was essentially useless and only made a living by banging some dude who can put a ball in a hoop. Dream big, ladies! Dream big!