oh idol idol idol

oh idol idol idol

i dont know its all losing steam – the big finale is next week – and of course i want to see fantasia win – diana is talented but honestly i just dont like how she looks – she needs bit more style – she is just boring to me – now with fantasia – there is just a spark – something in her just says star quality much more than diana – and certainly sadsack jasmine – im still in voting mode – the phone lines have been terribly busy – but i have managed to get through a couple of times – i think im just moving on – looking forward to some new shows in june – i have been with this idol thing for what seems like months! i really must dig in and do a whole june viewing schedule – of course sprinkled with movie dates – and the hot new albums – and i swear to get my newsletter out – i mean come on – a whole new simple life with gals paris and nicole! im in countdown mode over this one! i cant wait to witness their road trip!! only on fox – only on fox – and if you pay close attention – fox is advertising the end of the swan as the season finale – which only leads me to believe there will be a swan 2 – lets do guys this time!

but after the whole idol escapade i can sit down to the season finale of judging amy – im just beyond hooked to this show – its just a pleasure to watch –

oh and oh boy – did i have fun with oprah on monday when she went back to 1628 – to try life in colonial times – she took gal pal gail with here – and i swear the best moment was when gail was telling oprah cooking over an open dirty flame – that she wanted her bacon ‘extra crispy’ – oh it was a hoot – no panties – no toilet paper – and the good times just rolled on – and it all tied in nicely with an ‘educational’ reality show colonial times that just started airing on the ever dependable pbs!