Oh Dammit To Hell, LeAnn Rimes…

Oh Dammit To Hell, LeAnn Rimes…
December 28, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Oh look, the adultering whore who used to sing country songs has officially gotten engaged to the adultering man-skank who used to be an actor. Because clearly putting two adulterers into a committed relationship with each other will end well for everyone involved, right? Oh, wait…

LeAnn Rimes and her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian, are engaged, Access Hollywood has confirmed.
A rep for the 37-year-old actor confirmed the happy news to Access on Monday.
According to a People — who was first to report the news, the couple spent Christmas at their home in Los Angeles, where they “had family and close friends in town who helped them celebrate.” SOURCE

Oh the human heart is such a fickle bastard, isn’t it? Oh, wait, that’s not the heart, that’s the little part of the brain that makes you want to go out and bang someone you think is better than the person you said you would love for the rest of your life. My bad! Congratulations you two, I can’t wait for the bitter divorce battle!