oh catholics & condoms…

oh catholics & condoms…
August 18, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok this is totally out of whack from what i normally post on but when i saw this ad for condoms4life.org urging the pope to lift the ban on condom use – i was reminded how silly & dumb that ban is – i’m sorry but it’s completely ludicrous and so lame to have this sorta ban in this day & age! yes i was raised catholic but i don’t practice anymore for reasons just like this amongst many others but i will give the organization catholics for a free choice props for choosing to feature a gay couple as part of the campaign! oh i bet the pope will just love this…if he can stop preening over his prada garb for just a few minutes! popbytes over & out – xxoo!

“A change in Vatican policy is critical. You can’t keep talking about a culture of life and turn a blind eye to the suffering and dying. You can’t tell people to love and care for one another and deny them the means by which to protect each other,” said Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice and founder of Condoms4Life. “More than two dozen bishops and bishops’ conferences have asked for a change. Catholic people get it. People spending their lives fighting this pandemic get it. Lifting this cruel and stigmatizing ban on condoms would be a positive and life-affirming move for this new pope.”