Of Course: Lindsay Lohan caused drama for Elle Indonesia

Of Course: Lindsay Lohan caused drama for Elle Indonesia
April 14, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Lindsay Lohan

Man, I bet when Oprah Winfrey first offered Lindsay Lohan a docu-series, Lindsay was probably all like, “this is my chance! I’ll show the world what a professional actress I am, and then they’ll give me an Oscar for my work in LINDSAY: The Television Reality Show!” And then the cameras came and everyone realized what a moron she is. So on the latest episode, we were treated to Lindsay doing a lot of stupid sh!t and then showing up late to an Elle Indonesia shoot. RadarOnline reports …

On the episode, viewers saw celebrity photographer Eric Silverberg, Elle Indonesia fashion editor Anindita Saryuf, and an entire glam squad wait anxiously for Lohan so the shoot could begin at a New York location house. But at 3 p.m. — three hours after it was scheduled to start — Lohan’s rep arrived and suggested they reschedule, telling the fashion bigwig, “She worked really late and needed to sleep. I’m really sorry.” Lohan’s personal assistant Matt Harrell then told the OWN cameras that he couldn’t name the “covert” project she had been working on. Meanwhile, out of camera range — but captured on OWN’s audio — Saryuf had a meltdown, fuming to her crew in Indonesian, which was translated via subtitles, “That b*tch, that b*tch, that b*tch Lindsay! I can’t do it tomorrow because I have other things on my schedule.”

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: LiLo is the Sonic The Hedgehog of movie actresses. Think about it. Both used to be good and had promising beginnings. Then they were forced to mature and neither one of them could do it. They surrounded themselves with terrible friends, got overly skinny, and now they couldn’t carry a project if their lives depended on it. But it goes deeper still: After every high profile f*ck up, they have a very brief spell of promise where it seems like their next project will turn it all around … Until it’s released, at which point it just makes everything worse. Lindsay Lohan. Sonic The Hedgehog. Same thing.

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