Octomom is a bad mom!

Octomom is a bad mom!
January 24, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

So after her hatecrime that she calls a fetish video hit the web, Octomom is afraid that the authorities are going to take away her kids. Not because she’s trying to raise fourteen kids on nothing, not because she refuses to get an actual job, and not because she’s out of her fucking mind. No, clearly the fetish video is the worst decision she ever made.

A destitute Nadya Suleman is afraid Child Protective Services is going to take away her 14 children after she appeared in a wild fetish video wearing a black corset and whipping a man dressed as a giant baby.
“I am scared that Orange County CPS will misunderstand my intentions or my parenting abilities and take my kids away from me,” an Octo-Mom said in a new interview with RadarOnline.com. SOURCE

Once again, if doing porn will feed the kids that you clearly did not plan to actually ever take care of, then for God’s sake, do porn. Hell, if anything I’m surprised her kids aren’t just eating her sweaters while throwing their own soiled diapers at her. “We just ate our way through your maternity gear; For God’s sake, just let Steven Hirsch film the inside of your vagina already.”