NONONO is “Pumpin Blood”

NONONO is “Pumpin Blood”
October 30, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN


I don’t what it is about Sweden, but that country seriously produces some amazing pop music. Last week I had the chance to attend Swedish threesome NONONO‘s first official show here in Los Angeles at The Echo in Silverlake where they kicked ass. Lead singer Stina Wappling was super adorable up on stage and appeared to be totally humbled by all the attention they’ve been getting. The Stockholm based group has been generating a ton of buzz with their very first US single, “Pumpin Blood” which is such a great song (catch the music video below) and was even featured on this week’s episode of Dancing With The Stars. Last month the band released their Pumpin Blood EP which you can pick up on iTunes right now, and keep an eye out for their full-length debut album due out early next year.

NONONO Pumpin Blood EP

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