no sh*t britney spears – we told you so!

no sh*t britney spears – we told you so!
December 2, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh so today is lady britney spears 24th birthday and has reportedly kicked out hubby 27yr old kevin federline from their mailbu home again and sent him to the beverly hills hotel (not so bad) – she is supposedly super upset with all the partying that k-fed has partaken in since the birth of their adorable son sean preston almost 11 weeks ago – she is also upset because someone called ‘the weedman’ has been stopping by – i wonder what he brings kevin? :) – her reps are staying mum at the moment – i just have to say one thing about all this – NO SHIT – so britney are you really surprised that all this partying has been going down? did you think he was a serious stand up kinda man? – all i can say is NO SHIT SHERLOCK – EVERYONE TOLD YOU SO – the guy is such a freeloader – and not all that cute to begin with – so i hope you kick this loser out for good – and move on – you have a cute baby and money to burn – and thank your lucky stars that joe simpson isn’t your father – now only if we could get you to reconcile with justin timberlake – he wold be a great step-father and the reunion would remind us all of those good ol’ britney days – so just try to enjoy your 24th birthday! we do love you & just want you to be happy and kevin can go fly a white trash kite…someplace else!

on a side-note britney was also just spotted at club LAX this past wednesday – partying down with some friends – shaking those ‘k-fed blues’ away – this new hot spot partially owned by nicole richie‘s boyfriend DJ AM is actually on the very same block that i live on! i can’t believe all the hot parties are happening about 30 seconds away – i so need to keep my eyes peeled – walking my dogs could be a great cover to nab pics – as i still haven’t made the party invite list…anyways thank the lord it’s friday night – and we all have two days of freedom – i will be back blogging all weekend long…over & out – xxoo