No, Jessica Hart wasn’t fired for dissing Taylor Swift

No, Jessica Hart wasn’t fired for dissing Taylor Swift
December 3, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Jessica Hart

Earlier today, a rumor went around that Victoria’s Secret model Jessica Hart was fired for dissing Taylor Swift, because you should never buy the hand that feeds. Or more accurately, the one that puts you in a lingerie dress made of tinker toys because that’s apparently wearable. Or something. I don’t know how lingerie works. Point is, the rumor has been called untrue by Victoria’s Secret, so don’t worry! Jessica has not lost her cushy job of wearing things. Us Weekly reports …

Jessica Hart fans can relax. The Victoria’s Secret model has not been fired after her surprising comments about country pop sensation Taylor Swift following the taping of the annual fashion show last month in NYC. The lingerie brand’s chief marketing officer, Edward Razek, told Us Weekly on Tuesday, Dec. 3, “There is no truth to the rumors that Jessica Hart has been fired or that she will no longer work with the brand. As you will see, she was a great part of our show and we look forward to continuing to work with her.”

So yay I guess. It’s good to know you can’t be fired for making fun of Taylor, because otherwise I’d basically be unemployable. Well, technically speaking I’m an English major so I’m already unemployable, but now I’d be EXTRA unemployable. Everyone I passed would immediately lose their jobs. It would be that bad.

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