nip/tuck tonight!

nip/tuck tonight!
September 20, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey! popbytes is still here – it’s been a bit zany but santa barbara has been a great getaway – but i get back tonight (i’m anxious to get back to popbytes – so much is going down this week on TV!) – but i so had to remind you all to watch the 3rd season premiere of nip/tuck tonight at 10pm on F/X (a special 90 min episode!) i was just reading in the hotel about the 3rd season – sounds wacky – wild and fucked up just like popbytes likes it – julia (the amazing joely richardson) will end up in a lesbian affair, and dr. sean (cutie dylan walsh) is to date a patient played by that lovable loon anne heche – and our dear dr. troy (the hotter than hot julian macmahon) will face some emotional problems as he recovers from the attack of ‘the carver’ – who will be unmasked by the end of this season – and of course they say it’s somebody we least expect…and finally ava moore the transsexual (played by the gorgeous non-tranny famke janssen) will return as well…so it should be a fun season! god bless creator ryan murphy – we so love nip/tuck here at popbytes – i’m outtie for now – but i will be returning soon – much love to all – xxoo

PS who can wait for the second season of lost to premiere tomorrow? someone told me not to miss the first 3 minutes or the last 30 seconds – gosh what the hell is in the hatch? im freaking!!! and congrats to their big emmy win sunday night! rock on!