Oh wow – last night was crazy! First Melrose ex-er Doug Savant plays a frostbite victim – so that
was a fun Melrose spotting (I love that show) – and then poor Christian had to give up Wilbur –
what an emotional scene – I was bawling! And then Julia feels bad for him – and tells him cutie son
matt is actually his! Dr. troy looked completely off guard – and oh it was an intense scene – I
swear I love this show – and everyone else I know does too – shit if your not watching I feel sorry
for you!

And tonight F/X the same network that airs nip/tuck – is kicking off a brand new series – with denis
– who I just adore (ever see THE REF?) so this one is called rescue me – and its about nyc
firefighters – and about how they deal with the aftermath of 9/11 and how they carry on to protect
the greatest city in the world – for sure tune in for this one – expect some edge to this one

There is literally too much to catch up on – so quick as I can –

1 last comic standing – love tammy pascatelli – shes very funny – and this show has been great – fun
to see todd glass back in the house annoying everyone

2 big brother 5 – oh holly I love ya but calm down with jase but you scored when he used the power
of veto on you – so Karen and lori are up for eviction – this one could go either way – but if lori
leaves – im sure she will regret taking that money over food on the first night

3 tonight paris and Nicole return for another episode of the simple life – I love that fox – and so
did a lot of people love trading spouses: meet your new mommy – it was a smash hit at the office –
that had folks laughing all day

4 quickly I heard Fiona apple’s new cd – extraordinary machine – has been shelved by label soon –
claiming there was not a radio friendly single – but I did manage to ferret out two songs from this
album – and both are phenomenal – I hope sony realized although she may not have claim to a large
audience base – but it is a dedicated one – its been almost 6 yrs since when the pawn hit… stores –
which to this day still stirs me as one of my fave albums of all time – so lets hope we can get a
hold of this – and that Fiona is ok!

5 lastly Britney spears can now be a step mom to two of Kevin federline’s kids with moesha’s shar
– she just gave birth to a son – who Kevin visited in the hospital – while Britney stayed
low back at home – shar said they could all be one big happy family – after her and Britney become
cool with one another – that shar isn’t stupid – you go girl!