nip/tuck’s dr. troy got hitched to liz!

nip/tuck’s dr. troy got hitched to liz!

(please be warned: there are spoilers ahead) hey hey! i finally got around to watching the season finale of nip/tuck (season #5) and dr. christian troy (hottie julian mcmahon) actually got married to his long-time friend (and anesthesiologist) liz cruz (played by roma maffia) which if you haven’t been watching the show lately – that must seem like a very odd combination (with liz being a lesbian and all) but this 2nd half of the season had christian diagnosed with cancer and given only six months to live – the two formed a pretty strong bond (she played caretaker while he was on chemotherapy) and it just kind of made sense to him to spend the last few months of his life with someone he genuinely cared about and who could be a mother to wilbur

of course kimber henry (kelly carlson) unsuccessfully tried to ruin the union (she always brings the drama – i LOVE her character) and liz & christian were pronounced husband & wife! being the season finale – they did leave us with a small cliffhanger – it turned out christian’s medical records were switched and his cancer is actually in remission and he’s not dying – which he found out right before leaving for his honeymoon in italy … so will he stay married or end up bailing out on liz? (knowing dr. troy he’ll find a way to get out of the marriage) as for dr. sean mcnamara (cutie dylan walsh) he’s been hanging out with this shady lady (another anesthesiologist) and she’s definitely up to no good (leading a double life – and killing people!) and it looks like sean might end up getting himself all jacked up on nitrous oxide and other narcotics!

unfortunately we’ll have to wait until next january for the start of season #6 – which FX will only be showing half of – the second half (the series’ last episodes – there will be 100 episodes in total) won’t air until the start of 2011! when i heard that i thought ‘oh my gosh – talk about stretching something out!’ sadly i do think it’s time to end the series – it had a great run but the show was wearing a bit thin this season! hopefully nip/tuck can go out on a high note – i’m really curious to see what will transpire on the last episodes (we so need to see more of julia (joely richardson)) popbytes over & out for now … xoxo