Nice bald spot, Kim Kardashian

Nice bald spot, Kim Kardashian
March 7, 2012 JEREMY FEIST
Kim Kardashian

It looks like the stress of getting paid millions of dollars to do absolutely nothing is finally getting to Kim Kardashian, because the poor girl was recently spotted in Paris with a massive bald spot (see photos here), which I’m guessing is a result of erosion from all the d-list rapper pee she’s been pouring on herself. Don’t lie: now that you’ve heard my theory, it actually sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? Via RadarOnline:

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous stars in Hollywood, but even the 31-year-old bombshell isn’t perfect! The almost-divorced diva, who is known for her long luscious locks arrived in Paris on Tuesday afternoon, showing off a very noticeable thinning patch of hair on the side of her head – and RadarOnline has the photos. Wearing her dark mane messily parted on the sided, Kim strolled through Charles De Gaulle airport showing off her somewhat bald spot, often the sign of damage from hair extensions pulling at the root.

Of course, there is one other theory that would explain this …

Kim: Moooooooom, I’m going out and I need attention. What should I do?
Kris: Have you pretended to get back together with Reggie Bush?
Kim: Yup.
Kris: Have you advocated useless or misleading products?
Kim: Twice.
Kris: What about starting a church group even though you don’t know anything about the Bible?
Kim: Already did that one too.
Kris: Hmmmmm … well what if you ripped out a chunk of your hair and I called up the tabloids and told them you were going bald from stress.
Kim: *RIP* Way ahead of ya.

Kim Kardashian