new best & worst celebrity beach bodies

new best & worst celebrity beach bodies
August 27, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! i’m completely bummed the summer is almost coming to a close – shame on me for not making it to the beach all summer long (i may try to go this coming weekend since monday is labor day) so right now is the perfect time to take inventory of the best and worst celebrity beach bodies – the main focus of this week’s STAR magazine cover – with the gorgeous charlize theron featured prominently as one of the best while katherine heigl is spotlighted for the cellulite taking up residence on her legs (ouch!) only two guys make the cover – hottie brody jenner and cutie zac efron – they’re both way hot but nothing compared to chace crawford…my new obsession (recently formed when i watched the entire first season of gossip girl in about two week’s time) mr. crawford is so dreamy…

besides beach bodies there’s also mentions of brad pitt and his ex-wife jennifer aniston possibly crossing paths at the upcoming montreal film festival (maybe that’s why jen was spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger yesterday – she’s ready to put on the appearance of having moved on if she happens to see brad…ok that was kinda mean – i do adore ms. aniston)

last but not least there’s a catfight brewing (who’s lying?) between country diva carrie underwood and wannabe country diva jessica simpson (who could possibly be pregnant with carrie’s ex-boyfriend tony romo‘s baby…) i’m not a huge fan of ms. simpson but i’ve heard from a country industry insider that ms. underwood is a total bitch (which i bet is the honest truth) oh i’d love to see a major fight between the two ladies – hair extensions would be flying left & right (i guess i will have to root for jessica if push comes to shove…) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo