Naya Rivera might have been fired from ‘Glee’

Naya Rivera might have been fired from ‘Glee’
April 30, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

Remember how a week or so ago, rumors started going around that Naya Rivera was stirring the pot on the set of Glee? Well, she might have gotten fired from the show, and subsequently written out of the last two episodes of the season. And also, Big Sean is to blame even though I have no idea what a Big Sean is. I feel old now. Gawker reports …

As we predicted, Glee allegedly fired actress Naya Rivera today after a long-rumored dispute with show star Lea Michele. Michele, per the gossip, slept with rapper Big Sean, who was engaged to Rivera until a few weeks ago. Big Sean’s evil knows no boundaries. We reached out Rivera’s agent and publicist to confirm the New York Daily News’s report but got no response back. Either way, we’ll know soon enough: Rivera has reportedly been written out of Glee‘s season finale, which airs May 13.

Which is a shame, because Santana was a really great character, and Rivera has a hell of a voice. But unfortunately, you can be as talented as hell, but ultimately the ones who get hired are the ones who are the easiest to work with. And that means showing up, being professional, and then going home and venting about your bad co-workers in a word document you don’t save. That was my yogurt in the communal fridge, Carol! It had my name on it and everything! YOU YOGURT-STEALING PIRATE ASS!

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