Get your “Saturday Night” on with Natalia Kills

Get your “Saturday Night” on with Natalia Kills
August 17, 2013 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Natalia Kills "Saturday Night"

Since it’s Saturday, I figured it was the perfect day to share my new music obsession with you all! It’s the latest single from English singer / songwriter Natalia Kills, called “Saturday Night” and it kicks total ass! I just caught the music video the other day (although the song was released back in the beginning of July) and was blown away, both the song and video are beyond perfect. The track will be featured on Natalia’s upcoming second studio album, Trouble, due out on September 3rd on CherryTree Records. You also should check out her debut album, Perfectionist (iTunes), released back in 2011, it’s stellar! Now go on and press play below and start celebrating your “Saturday Night.”

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