Naked pictures of Justin Bieber are on the web?

Naked pictures of Justin Bieber are on the web?
October 11, 2012 JEREMY FEIST

Yesterday, Justin Bieber went on Twitter and told the whole world that a laptop and a camera full of personal information was stolen from him during a concert. Today, naked pics are floating around the web that show someone who allegedly may or may not be Bieber shirtless, holding his penis. Coincidence? Possibly. We can’t say for sure for legal reasons, although Justin really should consider Googling “bury the lead,” because this is kind of a freebie for us. TMZ reports …

Pics have surfaced today showing a male torso with a hand holding his wiener, and the buzz is … it’s a photo of Justin Bieber, but we’ve learned it’s not. The pic features a tattoo on the inner hip similar to Justin’s. The singer tweeted yesterday someone allegedly stole his computer and he said there was personal stuff on it. So now pics are starting to surface. Sources directly connected to Justin tell TMZ … J.B. says very clearly, it ain’t him in the pics.

Look, we’re willing to extend the benefit of the doubt on this one, but come on; You can’t say “An object full of pictures of me got stolen!” one day, and then the next day say “Those random naked pictures on the web aren’t me!” and expect us not to draw a few parallels. You can blame evolution for instilling in us the need to seek out patterns. Or creationism if you live in Minnesota.

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