my indigo girls swing by los angeles!

my indigo girls swing by los angeles!
November 15, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my word i’ve been so busy that i didn’t have the time to sit down properly and tell you all about the indigo girls concert i attended on monday night down at the wiltern (on wilshire & western) i’ve been a huge fan since ’92 when i first caught the video for their very popular hit galileo (watch the video) it was around the time i first discovered my dear tori amos getting her ‘little earthquakes’ on…i always think of them together since amy, emily, & tori all kind of hit me at the same time – and fifteen years later i still adore each and every one of them!

it’s funny because at the show sexy drummer matt chamberlain was playing with amy ray & emily saliers…he just happens to also be the drummer of choice for ms. tori! i wouldn’t say IG and tori are polar opposites but i wouldn’t classify their music near each other – both are equally awesome & different! for those of you who share my love for either – you know what i mean – they’re all tried & true musicians – the real deal!

this show was probably around the 20th time i’ve seen the indigo girls live but i hadn’t caught a show since i moved here to LA from NYC back in june of ’01! i was really looking forward to seeing the girls live again – so much has happened since i saw them last so it got me all up and thinking about the past as well as the future! (who has time to think about the present?) i was almost a bit apprehensive to see them because i started to wonder (yes popbytes thinks way too much – thanks again mom!) if they had changed or what not but oh my gosh – they were even better than i remembered – like an aged fine wine – what a special treat to see them again live! plus popbytes helped me secure tickets to the show and i’m also way lucky to be doing an interview with amy & emily which i will be posting in the next few weeks!

while i sat back and watched the gals play new & old songs – it turned into one of those reflective nights – i felt overwhelmed by the fact that my dumb little blog (aka popbytes) was able to get me in touch with two of my favorite musicians of all-time! i know i’m a big dork but it’s things like this that make working my ass off on this site all the worthwhile and is surely one of the main reasons for tossing out all my pop drama & silliness out here on the web – it really is the little things that count the most! many thanks go out to you all for bearing with me – i really have no clue what i’m doing but i’ll continue to keep on running with it!

oh man i just went on a whole long digression – in the end the IG concert was a great experience and i loved seeing those two girls do their thing live (gosh i adore & love them so very much) as an extra added bonus vonda shepherd showed up and played a duet with emily (who was rocking a shorter very cute haircut) on the song baby don’t you break my heart slow and lisa loeb was in the audience and got brought up on stage when amy & emily played their anthem closer to fine (watch the video) i adore ms. loeb but she looked a bit out of place on stage…she wasn’t quite sure what do to with herself! finally i was thrilled the girls decided to play one of my top IG songs – virgina woolf! i really hope they swing back this way soon and i cannot wait to post my interview here! popbytes over & out for tonight – much love to all as always – rock & blog on! xxoo