my guilty TV pleasures…

my guilty TV pleasures…
November 5, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kiddies! oh happy weekend to everyone – on saturday & sunday i totally get trapped into watching what i consider guilty pleasure shows on the boob tube – the shows that you know you shouldn’t be watching – but you just can’t help your popself – so below i pointed out a few of them – i’m a tad embarrassed to say i am watching some of these (not tanya tucker – but the others for sure) – but someone out there must be watching some of these? oi vey anyways here is to good guilty tv – i’m out until tomorrow – when i should have something fun to tell you all! rock on people! xxoo

so country legend tanya tucker has jumped on the reality train with this new show over on TLC – she’s a single mom still performing and making music – raising three kids just outside nashville (the estate is called ‘tuckerville’) – tanya is a total hoot & a complete southern belle – it’s kinda like growing up gotti but in the south and without the whole ‘criminal claim to fame’ – ms. tucker seems like a great down to earth person & mother – and the lady still can sing country like nobody’s business!

miss seventeen
i can’t believe i am watching a bunch of teenage year old girls vy for the chance to be on the cover of seventeen magazine…this is a low point for me…but watching these catty little bitches kevetch over this & that is priceless – i don’t remember girls like this in my high school – today some girl named ‘briane’ left because ‘it just wasn’t her’ and she felt ganged up on – so baby girl opted out of the running – she wouldn’t have won the grand prize anyways – who knew a magazine could make girls so cut throat and on top of that cry rivers…check out all the drama when you get a chance!

but can they sing?
the answer is a resounding NO – this is so wrong – b, c, and d-list celebrities attempting to sing – oh my word – i hope you all caught model kim alexis’ performance last week of ‘they way you love me’ (faith hill) – i was shocked at how bad she is – pretty face – but honey you can stop singing now – it was so off-key – i’m tone deaf – and even i could hear how she slaughtered the song – the other celebs were fairly bad too but ms. alexis surely takes the cake – bai ling comes in a very close second with her rendering of ‘like a virgin’ – do i smell regret? check out the next new episode monday night – a train wreck you can’t take your eyes off…and plus morgan fairchild still looks great!