Mumford & Sons got kicked out of a strip club

Mumford & Sons got kicked out of a strip club
September 12, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons, otherwise known as your cool mom’s favorite band, was apparently at a strip club yesterday because even folksy hipsters love seeing naked boobs shaking in their faces. Anyway, turns out they didn’t really understand that you can’t film inside strip clubs, and eventually things got so heated that they were told to GTFO. TMZ reports …

According to strip club sources, Ben’s bandmates decided to document the occasion with their camera phones, and strip club officials freaked out, demanding they put their phones away (per the club’s strict rules). We’re told the DJ had to lower the music several times to ask the band members to put their cameras away, and that really pissed off Ben … who loudly accused the DJ of ruining his song. Our sources say the other band members chimed in at that point, cursing out the strip club staff — so the club manager kicked the whole group out.

Wait, do people still not get that you totally cannot film inside strip clubs? Because I’m pretty sure that’s like the first thing they teach you about being a straight guy. That and “don’t sit front row unless you’re making it rain” and “dressing like Mr. Peanut is like a boobie-magnet.” I swear, one of my friends actually went to a strip club in a full tuxedo. You’d figure it would absolutely not work, but it totally did. The fact that he was a 6’4 ginger personal trainer didn’t hurt I guess, but it’s just science: Strippers love a man in a tux.

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