mtv vma’s anticipation

mtv vma’s anticipation
August 28, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh the big night is coming – the 2004 mtv video music awards – this year from miami (a first for the show) – so as
the olympics are ending
(i kinda petered out at the end – but they were soooooo great – i so want to visit greece – and i so love that
canadian diver alex – what a cutie!) – im looking forward to the kick off of the fall season – there
are sure to be some crazy moments – two in particular that have popbytes interest peaked – the first
being the first official public appearance of jenny lopez and troll hubby marc anthony – the
second (bigger & juicier) is that britney spears and whatever antics she may be up to – there
is a huge rumor that she will actually wed trashy boyfriend kevin federline live on-stage – oh lordy
i cant bear it – she has absolutely lost her freaking mind!! something is just not right – i wonder
what mom lynn thinks? – i mean at this point im beginning to warm up and casually (very) consider
some terms of forgiveness – girl just give us a hot dance track a la waiting for tonight j lo
– at least she aint parading herself around barefoot at gas stations (why is she there in the first
place?) – so tomorrow night expect the unexpected – along with some kick-ass performances – im
actually going to put six feet under on hold till its repeat showing on monday night – and wednesday
is the start of sept – so popbytes is planning on being the busy (eager) beaver – sorting out all
the fall madness! and days of
our lives
comes back on monday after its two-week olympic hiatus! oh im going to have to
buckle down and brace myself for all this is coming! and i heard some small event is to take place
in nyc – its those damn republicans – i will have to catch some of that just for a few good laughs –
i know it will be a tight race – but i still predict kerry to inch out ahead and claim the next 4
yrs – hopefully better days – my dad would always say – better days are coming – and i so
want to believe that as im sure most of you do too – and of course i had to get in on that 100
million + lottery about to take place in california – so as usual i leave you with yr fingers and
toes crossed (and whatever else could be crossed) – much pop love – popbytes out – and don’t worry i
will be checking in tomorrow with lazy sundays thoughts – and if that gal does marry her trailer
beau – oh my word – you will hear about it up and down – all around – ok now im really out – oh and
im still hardcore on that new fatboy slim palookaville cd – it’s a total goodie! xxoo

ps ok who saw nip/tuck this week – i just cant say enough – julia is a mess – sean is having
sex with that kimber real doll – i swear if yr not watching this show then just go – its that good –
that exciting & titillating beyond belief! i so cant wait to get the first season on dvd – and then
this second season – hbo only wishes it had bought this show – bolder than anything else on tv –
ground breaking and brave – you must tune in!

note to mr trent – are you watching nip/tuck yet – so glad you have become a simple life fan – those gals are a hoot!