January 13, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

the infamous worst dressed list came out – topping off at #1 – paris hilton – #2 madonna/britney tie – i forget the rest but celine, jess simpson, diane keaton – were in the top ten – i say paris hilton is the best dresser – ok its not me obviously – but she wears such cute stuff – especially those heels – those heels are to die for – which heels you may ask? any heels- she works em – all of em – speaking of paris – SIMPLE LIFE had a one hour special where the girls met back up with the family – and they got a new dodge truck at the end – the oldest son is very handsome – and i love grandma curly – BUT i will say LEEZA looked different – she was the host – and i swear she looks younger – she looks great – but for sure some work was applied – god bless her though – leeza rocks! and tomorrow wed is the season finale of SIMPLE LIFE – and one more related note – nicole richie was perched over at hollywood and highland posing with tourists AND farm animals! something related to the new ryan seacrest show – i think wed is having JOHN MAYER – gosh you all know how i feel about him – he is the WORST!

seabiscuit DVD broke records becoming the top selling DVD drama – of all time – and i just LOVED this movie – wasnt so keen on it – but it was just fabulous – tobey i could take or leave – but i highly recommend this ‘feel-good’ film – and te fact its based on truth – makes it all the better!