February 17, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok i finally watched sundays episode – and it changed everything! i dont know WHERE my freakin head was – BUT CARRIE MUST GO BACK TO NYC – and i think she DOES BELONG WITH MR. BIG!! ok as soon as she stepped out into paris – i knew it was a big mistake – and i didnt think so until that moment – ah paris – so romantic and elegant – yeah in yr dreams – she stuck out like a sore thumb – she is the ultimate NYC girl – and paris and her do not gel – she is way cooler – and so is NYC (and i do love LA – but alas i digress!) – and i kinda liked that alexander – but she is not good with him – he is not for her – and i know in her heart – she really loves big – and i hope he changed – so glad that charlotte heard his message – she is always been the hopeless romantic – and it was destiny! what will happen?? i cant believe i was fooled into thinking carrie could leave NYC and be happy with that annoying russian – he just doesnt get her – i really will miss this show – but i am feeling satisfied for now at least – one more to go – oh lord help us!! :)

it started – the OSCAR setup! why was a lane blocked i thought this morning as i drove to work – and before you know it – i see it – the bleachers! ok and the oscars is not for almost 2 weeks!!!! next week it will be all blocked off – and it will annoy the fuck out of me – and i think i am being forced to WALK – i know im a baby – but come on??? i cant drive to work because of the oscars! ok i will stop complaining – its kinda fun in an annoying way!

ok i think i am in TV overload – the shows all come so fast i cant keep track! whats a girl to do? yes tivo helps – but there is just too much on – and we do need to sleep and work – but anyone who wants to pay me to watch tv for a living – i have no problem – would be tough – but i think i would be ok – tivo also helps to make you feel better – your rarely channel surfing and just catching the hot shows – so one can be all witty the next day at work – but recently i have felt overwhelmed – like tonight im tivoing JUDGING AMY (yes i do like that show – you would too – amy brennerman is great – and tyne daly – please what else is their too say??) and then SHIT i realize i just missed NEWLYWEDS and CARMEN & DAVE – i think i need like three tv/tivo combos – one of the roughest viewing nights is SUNDAY – there is too much on – and i dont like to tape to the plain ole VCR – since i usually end up not watching them – i swear they need to put some hot shit on sat – that is always such a droll night of viewing – except SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – but thats late – so come on give us something good between key hours of say 8-11?? something – i swear all my life sat is for sure the lame night for TV – and news sucks on the weekend – i do love the news – but sat/sun news always seems so much lighter than the weekdays – who knows that could be some ‘lets give them a rest from horrible stories on the weekends conspiracy’ – ok im going off into crazy land! but you NEVER know!

courtney (ok i know i dont think i can stop) showed up today in court in bev hills – something is now set for mar 16 – these court things seem to drag – its like all these little meetings – to set other little meetings – does anyone know what i mean? seems they need to speed this shit up – and move along! how slow! but in the end this is all great publicity for her new album – and im not talking yr usual PR – but hey this is LOVE we’re talking – we wouldnt expect anything less – then her crazy antics and ways – gosh i hope we get to see her age – and be as crazy as ever – and dudes – ok i liked the album when i heard it – i listened to it a few times – but as i have listened more (including headphones while at work) and i actually LOVE it – its quite solid – and crazy – raw – fucked up – but it all just works for her – and the reviews have been very positive! i dont know if it will make new fans – but long time fans of her and HOLE will be very pleased! you go girl – and yr fucked up ways – america’s sweetheart?? YOU BET!