More on Katie Holmes’ escape … by helicopter?

More on Katie Holmes’ escape … by helicopter?
August 30, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh i really love all the tomkat drama – for sure this is one of the more interesting dramas (real or imagined – who really knows what’s going on…) well in this week’s STAR magazine katie‘s big ‘secret plan’ (now uncovered and not so secret anymore) to escape mainly involves getting everything in order if she does in fact try to leave tom (creepy stare below) and ditch all that weirdo scientology nonsense! all that ‘xenu’ crap seems to be the repeating motif of distress in their relationship – she hasn’t fully embraced his ‘religion’ yet (only really called that because of tax relief) and tom really wants her to be one of ‘them’ – man i bet catholicism never looked so darn appealing & wholesome as it does now to ms. holmes…who btw does look great in the picture below – she’s all smiles and ‘i’ve got myself a plan people’

part of getting some business in order to prep for a possible ‘escape’ from tom’s overbearing thumb (and scary mansion) katie had lunch on aug 22nd at the beverly hills hotel where supposedly she was ‘overheard’ in what sounded like some sort of legal strategy conversation with an unidentified male…

“They were keeping their conversation low-key,” says the eyewitness. “But she kept saying, ‘I want to file this suit, even if it’s just to teach him a lesson!'” After the meal, Katie, 27 – who was not wearing her engagement ring, the eyewitness claims – insisted on picking up the $105 bill (plus a $30 tip), then left her date with tough final words: “The last thing she said before she left was, ‘Put the paperwork together – go ahead and do it!’

actually she could be talking about suing the guy who is doing the scultpure of suri’s bowel movement – that’s a real doozy! of course if she were to breakup with tom there would be a ton of drama – luckily that $15 million dollar trust fund for her & suri is already in place but i don’t think tom is going to let her have full custody of suri without a fight (but don’t forget her dad martin holmes is also a lawyer – quite handy!) mr. cruise needs to loosen up – drop the brainwashing plans – and just let her be a normal & cool sociable mom like the rest of the hollywood mommies of the moment…the most cool of course being gwen stefani!

but in the end no matter what happens we can all rest a little easier knowing that katie can escape by *helicopter* if push comes to a scientology shove – gosh you cannot get more drama than her running off with suri into the night skies…over the top stuff like this is the best! hell with angelina jolie‘s famed flying skills – maybe she can be on standby to swoop in and save the day! then the two can run off together and have a sordid & steamy lesbian affair…oh boy does my mind runs rampant with crazy scenarios – i can see the TV movie of the week now! ok enough about that for now – i’m so done with today…check you guys in the morning – xxoo!