morcheeba – enjoy the ride – video!

morcheeba – enjoy the ride – video!
January 14, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening boys & girls! i’ve got another super hot video to share with you – it’s the latest from morcheeba (join them on myspace) called enjoy the ride (featuring judie tzuke) off their upcoming album dive deep which marks the band’s sixth studio release in stores february 4th! (i also fell hard for their last release the antidote which landed in my top albums of 2005) this time around there isn’t just one lead singer yet the album features a variety of guest stars who join brothers paul & ross godfrey! the video is simply adorable – an animated tale of bringing the dead back to life – wouldn’t that be a hoot if we could do that? (as long as they don’t come back as zombies – ack!) below you will also find links to stream two tracks off their new album! anyways i had a bunch of busy work to attend to tonight – i’m so looking forward to a week of peace – for those of you who know me – you’ll know what i’m talking about! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

stop chasing shadows – just enjoy the ride…

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