mommy meltdown alert!

mommy meltdown alert!
November 2, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh gosh i am glad i don’t have to deal with children (dogs are just fine!) – but i love watching these mommy/wife swap shows – of course they pick families that are like southern oil mixing with northern vinegar – and this one looks to be tops in explosiveness – tonight promises to be the biggest mommy meltdown ever…or so FOX claims – thus while lost is a repeat (godammned ABC and their repeats!) – tune into trading spouses: meet your new mommy – it’s a two-parter – so it will be continued next week…

tonight i will be tivoing the whole ‘mommy meltdown’ situation while i watch martha stewart’s apprentice – i don’t know if anyone else is watching her but i just love it – especially how she writes those letters to the people let go at the end of the show! oh i want a personal letter from ms. stewart! i got bored of trump and martha is a nice change of pace – anyways – i gotta eat my lunch (mac & cheese!) – i try to do too many things at once – i need to grow an extra set of pop hands! rock on – check you all laters – xxoo