Miley Cyrus + Jeremy Piven = Awkward.

Miley Cyrus + Jeremy Piven = Awkward.
January 28, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Piven apparently became pretty chummy on the set of the upcoming spy-comedy So Undercover, which of course means they probably banged (I’ll give you a minute to run to the bathroom … everything’s up and outta your stomach? Alright then, let’s continue.)

“I think I must be an 18-year-old girl because we got along really well,” Piven told E! Online. “It was just so much fun. I had so much fun with her and we had great chemistry. It was really really weird–we’re like polar opposites.” The fawning didn’t end there. After defending Miley’s salvia bong controversy, Piven said, “She’s kind of amazing. There’s something so incredibly refreshing about someone who is exactly who they are. There’s nothing pretentious about her. She’s this force. She loves to laugh.” SOURCE

I hate to do this to you all, but it’s time to whip out the patented Popbytes Bullshit-To-Actual-Human-Speak Translator. Just give me a minute to calibrate this thing to Dirty old skeezebag, aaaaaaaand go …

“Yup, we banged.”

Told ya!