Miley Cyrus turned down that naked prom invite

Miley Cyrus turned down that naked prom invite
February 11, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Because I’m contractually obligated to run any story that involving celebs and nudity (pro tip: You can’t go back on a contract signed in blood. You do make up for it in the back-end though, so it kinda of works out.) apparently some high school senior named Matt Peterson asked Miley Cyrus to prom in a naked video (posted above) and she said no via Twitter. Apparently, she’s too busy singing with a bunch of stoned teddy bears. To be fair though, you have to assume that every day is prom for her, so the idea of putting on a taffeta cocktail dress and dancing with a bunch of teenagers must be like washing dishes. “Ugh, fine, if I have to. Let me just slip a mickey of spiced rum into my clutch …”


Matt Peterson

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