michelle pfeiffer is an amazon woman!

michelle pfeiffer is an amazon woman!
April 28, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! so this post is part of film experience‘s michelle pfeiffer blog-a-thon – mr. nathan (the man behind the blog) absolutely loves michelle and in honor of her 48th birthday this saturday (april 29th) he took it upon himself to organize a bunch of us bloggers to all do a post on this amazing actress!

so i thought NOT to head to the obvious hits (we all LOVE batman returns with her as catwoman, or in dangerous liasons, scarface, the age of innocence – oh the list goes on…) and highlight a small but funny bit she did in the hilarious sketch/sci-fi spoof flick 1987’s amazon women on the moon…for those who haven’t seen this movie – it is an absolute must! some of the skits are quite clever and very amusing! one of those sketches involves our dear michelle alongside real life ex-husband peter horton where she plays ‘brenda flanders’ who at the hospital (the doctor is played by griffin dunne) gives birth to a mr. potato head! so funny! one thing about ms. pfeiffer is i really enjoy seeing her do comedy! she is great at it…married to the mob rocks! but she ends up usually pulling the good dramas in and the lady doth kick ass in those! so a big happy birthday to michelle – we need to see you in a new film soon – popbytes loves ya! i am over & out for now – check you all laters…xxoo!

That’s not a baby, that’s a Mr. Potato Head!

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