Mia Farrow: Frank Sinatra ‘possibly’ fathered my son

Mia Farrow: Frank Sinatra ‘possibly’ fathered my son
October 2, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Ronan Farrow and Frank Sinatra

So apparently, there’s been this rumor going around for years that actress Mia Farrow‘s son, Ronan Farrow, was actually fathered by Frank Sinatra instead of Woody Allen. You know, because Ronan is tall, statuesque and quite handsome … and Woody, not so much. Well, according to MSN, Mia may have kinda sorta spilled the beans on that one, claiming that Ronan may very well be a Sinatra.

Critics have long speculated that her son Ronan, now 25, was fathered by Sinatra and not moviemaker Woody Allen, who Farrow was married to at the time of the child’s birth. Now Farrow has spoken out about the long-running rumor and admitted it might be true. Asked by a journalist at Vanity Fair magazine if Sinatra is Ronan’s father, she replies, “Possibly.”

Well, when you leave your wife for her adopted teenage daughter (Soon-Yi Previn), I guess everything else seems like small beans by comparison. I mean really, how do you find out your real father might be one of the most famous singers ever, and that’s still one of the most innocuous details of your parents’ divorce? “I’m secretly Frank Sinatra’s love child? Sure, why not. Did you know my old dad is now my current brother in-law? Because that happened too!”

Mia Farrow

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