melissa etheridge – refugee

melissa etheridge – refugee
August 9, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

well hello hello hello! here is something great and inspiring – our dear gal melissa etheridge is back and completely cancer free – and she is feelin’ just fine – and her new single (a greatest hits album is coming soon) is just starting to hit the airwaves now – it’s a remake of tom petty’s refugee (popbytes also loves tom petty so so much) – and as always with melissa – it totally rocks – i am so glad she is alright – we have all had enough bad news to last a while! so please keep your ears peeled for melissa – i’m so happy she is all fine – what a talented true to her heart musician! finally something to cheer about! popbytes out for now xxoo

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I decided to cover ‘Refugee’ because I wanted a song that spoke to my heart, my mind and my soul about where I was at, and a song I could share with an audience that I knew they could relate to, a song that was recognizable but that I could make my own. And considering what I’d been through, and what I seem to be representing now in my life, I think ‘Refugee’ speaks to it perfectly.