melissa etheridge got high

melissa etheridge got high
October 14, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh phew! we made it to friday – what a wild week – i’m still reeling that warner bros found out i posted the new hot hot hot madonna single ‘hung up’ – and within 2 hours asked me to remove it – gosh things sure do go travel quickly within the blogoshpere – madge is premiering the song on monday during TRL over on MTV – the single is really good in my humble pop opinion – i think this album is going to be so heavily promoted – i hope it all lives up to our big expectations – we are talking madonna people – thanks to scott over at stereogum.com for mentioning this craziness on his supreme & kick-ass music blog – one blog to check-out daily for sure (besides popbytes…)

anyways – yeah our dear and oh so awesome & cool melissa etheridge admitted in an interview with stone phillips to air sunday on dateline to smoking medical marijuana during her chemotherapy for her breast cancer – and i say more power to her – anything that makes you feel better (and isn’t really that bad for you…) i say go for it – i wonder where she got her dope – i’m sure it was supreme humboldt county ganga – maybe ‘donor’ david crosby helped her secure the ‘mary jane’ – gosh there are many nicknames for weed – i do hope at somepoint the government fully supports the use of medical marijuana – i say if you got it – smoke it – and if you feel sick and it makes you feel better – smoke yourself out – and kudos to melissa for coming out in support of this – she has a new greatest hits album which just rocks – the road less traveled – i own all of her albums and have been a devout fan for years & years – i am so proud of her and am very grateful she is healthy again – she is such a cool ass lady & rocker – so rock on my dear melissa…and everyone else go get your weekend on – it’s short but oh so sweet – woohoo – popbytes out for now…xxoo

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“Instead of taking five or six of the prescriptions, I decided to go to a natural route and smoke marijuana…”