Auf Der Maur
hey kids! its been too long! we are in the full june swing! and traffic has been amazing – in the first 6 days of june – i had more people than the whole months of jan and feb! keep it coming!

so much seems to be going on – its hard to keep track – i could write mountains of stuff all day long! i decided today to feature the debut solo album from bassist Melissa der auf maur simply titled auf der maur – many of you know – she was in hole with my lover courtney love this album totally crept on me – didnt even know she was doing on – but here it is – and its BRILLIANT – really – solidly produced – by melissa – and most songs were written by her! so i suggest you check her site out aufdermaur.com and buy the album – you wont be disappointed – who could be with lyrics like –

gonna let the lightning tuck me into my bed, electrified and cherry red…
– lightning is my girl

i cant fake it my love, i need filling come on, i need it louder than bombs…
– taste you

but ms. auf der maur does lose just a few points for leaving courtney out of the thanks section – wonder what she thinks of ms. love’s antics – but a solid album – well done auf der maur – i will be seeing you when you play LA – should be a kick-ass show

so what else?

lines for the latest harry potter flick – have been wrapped around the block on hollywood blvd – for the chinese theater – this movie is going to makes lots o’ money!

i have heard from numerous folks that the day after tomorrow is really good so i must check that out…

caught a pre-screening of DE-LOVELY – starring kevn kline, ashley judd – and broadway veteran jonathan pryce – a new movie based on the life of composer cole porter – told through a sort of stage show of his life – amazing it twas! and they have some great musical guest taking on porter songs including sheryl crow, alanis morrisette, elvis costello, diana krall (shes marrie to costello), and vivian green – kline was amazing as porter – and ashley judd (who my friend rick calls ‘the poor mans charlize theron) shined! she was great! so i do recommend to check out de-lovely when it hits yr local theaters!

speaking of charlize – MONSTER just hit video stores – so we all must check out her award-winning albeit depressing performance as that crazy lady serial killer!

billy corgan apparently is now working for a radio station in chicago (WXRT) as a correspondent for the cubs – jeez louise – smashing pumpkings to this!?!? what gives billy??

pj harvey’s latest cd uh huh her hits stores on tuesday – and its getting rave reviews just as i predicted after hearing the album – entertainment weekly gave it an A and called it a ‘stark victory’ – pj rocks!

ok im out for now – some new shows coming this week – so check back her for yr recommended (mandatory) popbytes selections!

ps – they are doing a joe schmo 2 – im thrilled since watching the first one – not many of you watched last season – and im going to make a huge campaign on popbytes to get everyone to tune into this hilarious faux reality show sendup! popbytes out!