mel gibson spills his guts to diane sawyer

mel gibson spills his guts to diane sawyer
October 10, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh lordy – yes it’s that time…for mel gibson to finally do his much needed big interview and he picked diane sawyer to be the recipient of all his drunk woes & anti-semitic drama (who in another story may soon leave ABC) i was never a huge gibson fan before (ok i did love ‘braveheart’) and i doubt i’ll ever be but i admit that i’m semi-curious to see his new movie apocalypto because it looks like a huge mess (the film is being released by touchstone owned by disney…and don’t forget they also own ABC…where mel is doing his interview) if your simply dying for a sneak preview of the interview you can do that over on abc news! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

Watch Sawyer’s exclusive interview with Mel Gibson Thursday, Oct. 12 and Friday, Oct. 13 on ‘Good Morning America,’ which airs across the country from 7 to 9am