meg ryan got a new face y’all!

meg ryan got a new face y’all!
November 29, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning boys & girls! i hope everyone is staying warm – it’s like an icebox here in hollywood – i’m freezing! so yeah i knew meg ryan has had some work done over the years but she isn’t looking so cute lately…i know it’s a very unflattering picture of her below (thanks to STAR) from nov 20th but you gotta admit she looks different! (that hair style isn’t helping matters either) what the hell happened to america’s cinematic sweetheart?!? i remember her when i was a kid and she was playing ‘betsy’ on ‘as the world turns’ (which i got to tell her in person when i rang up her xmas ornaments at anthroplogie on west bway in NYC) and then she broke out into movies and did quite well for herself – like ‘when harry met sally’ and one of my personal favorites ‘joe vs. the volcano’ – her face seems to have grown more narrow over the years – no more work for ms. ryan for a while – she hasn’t even turned fifty yet! you do have to save a little work for when you actually need it…

next year she may be starring in a remake of george cukor‘s 1939 classic the women – now that could be hot! (if you’ve never seen it – please do rent it!) plus IMDB has candice bergen, anne hathaway, and my darling lisa kudrow listed as ‘rumored’ stars – if all goes down as planned this could be a really fun remake! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!