Meet Simon Cowell’s baby boy Eric!

Meet Simon Cowell’s baby boy Eric!
February 16, 2014 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Eric Cowell

A big congratulations is going out to Simon Cowell, who at age 54 just became a first-time father. His girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth this past Friday (Valentine’s Day) in New York City to a healthy baby boy (who weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz.), which the couple named Eric Cowell after Simon’s grandfather. I know Simon is going to make a great dad, but I do wonder if he’ll end up marrying Lauren? In other Simon-related news, FOX recently canceled the US version of The X Factor after three sadly lackluster seasons, which for me was a total bummer, I actually really liked the show. I hope Mr. Cowell will be back on television here sooner than later, I seriously need my ‘grouchy uncle’ fix!

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