October 30, 2003 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

i have been meaning to get here for a LONG TIME! – and now so cal is under a FIRESTORM – can ANYONE get a break – madness!


this is that new ‘romeo + juliet’ set in modern day LA (her dad is a porn king – his dad is the DA) ok its so not real – its overdone too – but i have been drawn in – the lovebirds are great together – who knows what will happen with SKIN (apparently low ratings so far) but those kids could do well – its on mondays on FOX – not much else is on – so maybe give it a try – wont be hard catching on…

PS – LAURA LEIGHTON – of MELROSE PLACE fame as SIDNEY – is also in this one! thats worth viewing alone!


i feel like i was the only sucker to SEE EVERY EPISODE – but this was so good – you have to be fan of reality tv i think – but gosh this was a great setup – sounds like a bad idea – but the way it was executed – was great – and ‘joe’ – matt kennedy gould – came off as such a warm and sweet guy – dudes – i hope this airs again – it is not to be missed!! long live SPIKE TV

havent done much on music here – but tori is coming out nov 18th – and a HUGE shout out to JEWEL – i have all her CDs but her latest 0304 – is like a virus – i cant stop it! for sure its the CD of jewels that is the best – screw her makeover – this girl has talent!

ok one more small thing – i think jessica simpson has won me over – the girl may be a little ‘naive’ but shes sweet – and wouldnt harm a fly! it took a while – but i have been swayed – sorry folks! cant wait for season 2 of NEWLYWEDS – but they may have to change name – since they techinally are not really newlyweds – anyone know what the time frame on that kind of thing is??