me & nicole richie shared dirt!

me & nicole richie shared dirt!
March 25, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my goodness! this is insane! so this morning i was covering a press junket for the new movie take the lead (which i will post on later…it went great!) – it was taking place over at the beverly hills four seasons hotel – so i valet my car and then i see a fancy shmancy black mercedes SUV and who pops right out of the car and is walking right behind me (all alone) but yes…ms. nicole richie! this was finally my time to talk with her – i was so excited! i stopped her and told her that i run a little gossip site called popbytes and then i shared a small bit of gossip dirt with her – that i can’t/won’t share here – it’s just between nicole & me but she totally agreed & completely got me! rock on nicole!

she looked GREAT – especially for 915am – she was very healthy looking and absolutely glowed in person – she was so sweet and i am so glad we got to share something juicey! it was just one of the most random moments i have had in quite a while! and of course i have posted crap on her being too skinny etc – but usually out of concern and i have never really trashed her…after today i was able to see her in person for myself and can vouch that she did look great! some recent pics of her at LA fashion week are below – popbytes over & out for now! and oh yes i did make it over to ‘project runway’s’ santino rice‘s yard sale – i will post some pics of me & mr. santino in a bit! xxoo :)