mashup time w/ missy elliott

mashup time w/ missy elliott
July 24, 2008 TEAM POPBYTES

good morning! oh i’d love to sleep a little more this morning after last night’s revelry but unfortunately i’ve got to get my ass to work soon – right now we’ve got the latest mashup selection from DJ paul v. that mashes missy elliott with some country tune – and the two work quite well together – it’s totally time for a hoedown! (jessica simpson is not invited…) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

This week we’re gonna swerve to the left a little, and feature something that’s got an electro-flava remix happening – but it’s definitely using two tracks to maximum effect. OK, so the vocal is Missy Elliott‘s ‘4 My People.’ And the music, well – it’s a veritable country-fied throwdown, that I swear I know in my head, but I can not for the life of me NAME it! Those violins and fiddles – is this like from the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ soundtrack or something? Either way, all you popbytes readers who do know what it is, school me and tell me! On paper you might scratch your head. But on your stereo – loud – it’ll make you wanna stomp around a burning barn in a pair of gangsta cowboy boots and bling-encrusted overalls. It’s all courtesy of London’s club and BBC DJ/remixer, Kissy Sell Out. He’s actually donating all sales of this bootleg EP to the British Association Of Adoption & Fostering. Nice one!

Listen to Kissy Sell Out – You’re On Fire [.mp3 5.5mb]

Enjoy – DJ Paul V.

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