mashup of the week, year and decade!

mashup of the week, year and decade!
December 31, 2009 TEAM POPBYTES

Well, here we are – mashing it up on the last day of 2009. Not only do you get this brand new mashup (which is literally hot off the presses) but you get my picks for the best of the year, the best of the entire decade, and the link to download all 20+ tracks from the Best Of Bootie 2009 CD (see below) and you thought Christmas was last week – ha! But as for this last mashup of ’09, how could it NOT feature Lady Gaga, who pretty much owned our collective asses all year – on the radio, on the dance floor, and in concert. She kept us on the edge of our seats in excitement, wondering: What’s she gonna do next? And the answer was the instantly infectious Bad Romance – now made twice as fab when paired with the always-bitchin’ Don’t You Want Me from The Human League – whipped up by SF’s Bootie club creators and masher extraordinaires, A plus D. Ra Ra, Ooh La La!

Listen to Don’t You Want My Bad Romance [.mp3 10.6mb]


There were some pretty mofo fantastic mashups made in 2009. But I gotta tell ya, this melding of Boston with the Black Eyed Peas truly bowled everybody over – from fellow mashup makers to everyone on the dance floor. It actually – still – gives me goosebumps when I hear it. Major kudos to Dutch bootleger Mad Mix Mustang for this flawless mix!

Listen to I Got More Than A Feeling [.mp3 12mb]


You’re probably thinking how could someone possibly pick the best mashup of an entire
decade – because trust me, there’s 100’s and 100’s of bootlegs that blew me away over
the last 10 years. But interestingly enough, it was one of very first mashups ever that totes
wears the crown: The Freelance Hellraiser‘s A Stroke Of Genie-Us, which is Christina Aguilera vs. The Strokes. Personally, I got this track on a promo CD in the Fall of 2001 (the word ‘mashup’ wasn’t even coined yet) and while my jaw kind of dropped over its odd musicality, I loved it! I played it at various DJ gigs, and everyone danced to it. And it inspired me – and seriously 1000’s of other people – to dive head-first into this exciting new phenomenon known as ‘bastard pop’ or ‘mashups’. But, it also proved how completely opposite bands or artists can be digitally married, with a result that’s way better than the sums of its parts – which all great mashups achieve. I’m definitely not alone in citing this track, and in fact, the Guardian UK was shrewd enough to do the same. So from this 2001 classic, to mashups now ruling Glee – let’s all salute The Freelance Hellraiser!

Listen to A Stroke Of Genie-Us [.mp3 5.1mb]

And now, just ‘cuz I loves ya – here’s the link to download the Best Of Bootie 2009
CD & artwork, featuring 20+ of the most awesomest mashups created this year, including Mad Mix Mustang’s, and the best of the rest that shook dance floors across the globe for the past 365 days. Pop this continuous-mix CD on at your next party, and you’ll be a star!

Speaking of packed dance floors that shake to mashups, if you’re in Los Angeles, please
come join us tonight – New Year’s Eve – for Bootie LA at The Echoplex! I’m spinning with DJ Shyboy & DJ Axel, R.A.I.D. & Purple Crush are performing, we’ll have a great photo-booth to snap you. AND cover is only $10 till 10pm, then only $20 after that. Plus, free copies of the Bootie CD for the first 300 through the door. I’d love to see you there!


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