Mashup: Move Over, Katy

Mashup: Move Over, Katy
March 30, 2012 TEAM POPBYTES

Move Over, Katy

It’s a happy day here for me, because it’s a pretty rare thing to hear Janis Joplin get mashed up! A few years ago, there were a couple featuring Mercedes Benz, but I believe this is the first time I’ve ever heard Move Over (one of my faves from her) used in a mashup. Some might say it’s blasphemy to marry a powerhouse legend like Janis with someone like Katy Perry, but I say this is the kind of moment when disparate genres come together with no shame. And, it’s Oki who gives Janis’ classic pipes a chance to shine like a pearl on the dance floor.

Download Oki‘s Move Over, Katy

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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PS to my LA peeps: Please mark your club calendar for Friday, April 13th as I present “MEMOREX” at The Echoplex. It’s a Mixtape Retrospective to celebrate my 30th Anniversary as a club DJ, and I’ll be featuring actual DJ sets recorded in the past at my various club events since 1982. I’d love you to come join me, and dance!

"MEMOREX" at The Echoplex