mary j blige vs killing joke

mary j blige vs killing joke
June 1, 2006 TEAM POPBYTES

hello!! ah it’s the first of june – may was a terrific month for popbytes and i hope i can rock this month too! first up this morning is the latest ‘mashup of the week’ from our pal dj paul v. who is serving up a fresh new mash of his very own making for your ears! oh my word this week has been insanely busy for me so i am thrilled tomorrow is friday!

on a whole another note – i think (know) i am still in shock on the ‘confirmation’ of anna nicole‘s pregnancy – when it was a rumor…it was just a rumor – yet this situation is becoming very real…this is going to be wild ride people! for starters we are talking anna (who i do adore) secondly the father-to-be seems a real winner – just get a load of what larry birkhead (nice name) has to say about the situation…i hope cousin shelly somehow gets involved with all this! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!


Ever heard the expression ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’?
That’s sort of my story. Meaning – in the past couple of years of
presenting mashups on the radio etc., I didn’t really make any of my
own. Well, today I wear the wedding dress and present my very own
bouquet called Requiem For A Family Affair. This track (my 3rd mashup,
actually) features queen of crunk-soul Mary J. Blige, ‘perkulating’ atop
the humming post-punk buzz of Killing Joke, with just a tea-spoon drop
of Gary Numan. (Note to 20-somethings – Google Killing Joke & Gary
Numan!). It melds surprising well – and if Miss Blige can sing U2 songs,
she can hang with these folks, too. I hope you dig it!

Requiem For A Family Affair

– DJ Paul V.

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PS – Don’t forget – if you’re in Los Angeles this weekend and wanna come
shake ya cookies and dance to some hot mashups, be at Bootie LA.
Saturday, June 3rd at The Echo, Echo Park.

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