Mary-Louise Parker licked pot lollipops. Really.

Mary-Louise Parker licked pot lollipops. Really.
August 27, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Let’s say you were the star of a show called Weeds that happened to be about, well, weed. Pot. Mary Jane. You get the picture. Anyway, you’d figure that as the star you must be, at the very least, a social smoker, right? Wrong. Mary-Louise Parker has stated that she doesn’t smoke weed, but she had licked a couple pot lollipops. Ummmmm … okay, why not.

“O.K., here’s what happened. I was at a party, and I’d been kind of sick recently. I was in the hospital and on some really heavy antibiotics. But I went to this party anyway, and I was in the bathroom the whole night, on the floor. I was just so ill. Somebody at the party was like, “The only thing that’s going to help your nausea is marijuana.” And I’m like, “I don’t have any!” But then I remembered, somebody had given me a pot lollipop.” SOURCE

Ooooo boy, I think we’ve all been there before. Man, if I had a nickel for every time I woke up dressed as a cowboy in the bathroom of someone else’s apartment hugging a toilet while their dog barked at me and bit my hand … I’d have a nickel. Which is certainly not enough for a pot lollipop.