mary-kate’s BBF (best bag forever – ha!)

mary-kate’s BBF (best bag forever – ha!)
January 24, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh that mary-kate olsen! this week’s STAR magazine points out that our little geriatric dresser has been spotted with the very same bag now seven times! (oh the faux pas horror) i haven’t even noticed her bag (my pal joey would since she’s such a bag whore…i totally mean that in a nice way!) since everytime i see ms. olsen i can’t believe that she goes out of the house with such horrible & unflattering outfits! i guess it goes to show that it’s really true – billionaires are always the cheapest! come on mary-kate go splurge on a new bag…i hear nursing homes always have leftover stuff! her and twin sister ashley have already tapped deep into the tween girl market – they so need to tap the seniors! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

mary-kate olsen, 20, apparently is so in love with her black bag with gold stripes that she’s been photographed at least seven times with it by her side since early december. whether she’s dressed casual-chic with her friends while strolling the streets of l.a. or dolling up in old school glamour for the golden globes, mk’s best bag was on her arm. hey, if the look’s not broken, why fix it?