martha to donald: be careful!

martha to donald: be careful!
September 8, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

martha stewart is offering a little friendly advice to her one time pal donald trump – i totally agree with martha – trump firing carolyn kepcher was a huge mistake – even bigger was replacing her on his reality show with daughter ivanka – nepotism always sucks! (yet runs wildly rampant in hollywood) the apprentice has been on a steady decline and i think the next season will fall even further (to shake things up the 6th round will take place here in los angeles – i doubt that will help) anyways check out what martha had to say below…and of course donald had to fire right back! i still stand by martha’s ‘apprentice’ – i loved it – especially her letter writing at the end! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

Donald is out of control, by the time he’s finished, he will have fired everyone around him and there will be nobody left. Poor Donald will be sitting there on his little pedestal all by himself. He needs to be careful! Martha Stewart

Martha will always be upset with me because her version of The Apprentice was a complete failure and my version remains a tremendous success. Despite that, I still love Martha! Donald Trump