martha stewart staying home…

martha stewart staying home…
August 3, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

this just in – so the good times roll on & on for martha stewart – apparently according to various reports she violated terms of the ‘home confinement deal’ by going to a yoga class and motoring around her estate in an ‘off-road vehicle’ – so she will endure 3 more weeks of home confinement – wrapping it all up at the end of august – ok so what’s wrong with THIS picture? yoga & off-roading?!? – gosh prison must have done a number on her – she maybe got a little rough around the edges but still likes to stretch it out – who knows? – what an odd mix of things to come up as violations! but no worries in the end – i think we are all waiting and holding our breath for her version of trump’s the apprentice to come out this fall! how bitchy will she be? it’s getting closer…popbytes out for now!

Donald Trump shares the reigns of the wildly successful The Apprentice with America’s favorite domestic diva – Martha Stewart. This new competition will showcase Martha’s work and her multibillion-dollar empire, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Diverse candidates will be judged on their ability to incorporate Martha Stewart Living themes into their business practices, on tasks ranging from entertaining and design, to merchandising and technology. Forced to think outside the box, candidates will vie to outshine one another and land a dream job with Martha Stewart Living.