martha & russell go all gooble gooble…

martha & russell go all gooble gooble…
November 9, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey boys & girls! you know with thanksgiving right around the corner that martha stewart is well into her preparations! on her show today russell crowe stopped by to lend ms. stewart a hand – he appeared calm & collected – even his hair was on the soft side! yesterday i caught martha prepping her delicious side dishes with the legendary ms. joan collins who just like mr. crowe appeared with her softer side showing! maybe martha brings that out in people? popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

Martha and Russell while whisking eggs for the stuffing:

Russell: “I’ll just whisk them, I won’t fertilize them.”

Martha: “You know how many women would love that.”


Russell: “There is only one bloke in your audience — he’s the only guy who didn’t laugh at that joke. Perhaps you can explain it to him later.”

Russell, on being a romantic (which they spoke about during a lesson on sweeping):

Martha: “You have to take something home to your wife in Australia.”

Russell: “I’m not taking her a broom. I’m going to get her some jewelry — but thanks for the tip, Martha.”

Martha: “Well how about some knowledge, how to sweep.”

Russell: “You mean sweep her off her feet Martha. You have to do that continually Martha — Every two weeks at least.”

On the November 9th edition of “The Martha Stewart Show” Oscar Winner Russell Crowe hand-delivered some special Australian wine; spoke about his experience as a short order cook and chatted about his mom’s career as a chef on TV, while whipping up turkey & stuffing from Martha’s Official Thanksgiving Menu.