madonna starts confessing

madonna starts confessing

hey hey everybody! oh today was just one of those days…first the sun was barely shining which always bums me out plus my internet was intermittently going down which was driving me crazy! I had a bunch of work to get done and now I am all backed up but I did manage to get out of the house and have my haircut down on melrose in preparation for going to the madonna concert this coming wednesday night!

an early report from last night’s preview show confirms that madonna does actually appear at one point on a crucifix! officially her confessions tour kicks off tonight here in los angeles but of course there is drama…madge always brings the drama! picketers are outside the forum (the LA venue) upset & causing a stir over madonna crossing the picket line to rehearse her show – it is some sort of labor dispute between the forum and the people that work there but I can’t seem to wrap my head around the situation today – hopefully it will just all work out! i don’t intend to make light of a labor dispute but this day has just wore me out and now i am anxiously awaiting the two-hour season finale of desperate housewives – which i did find myself more into as this second season progressed…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

OFFICIAL CONFESIONS SETLIST (from madonnalicious.com)

1 – Future Lovers

2 – Get Together

3 – Like A Virgin

4 – Jump

5 – Live To Tell

6 – Forbidden Love

7 – Isaac

8 – Sorry

9 – Like It Or Not

10 – Sorry Reprise

11 – I Love New York

12 – Ray Of Light

13 – Let It Will Be

14 – Drowned World/Substitute For Love

15 – Paradise (Not For Me)

16 – Disco Inferno & Music Mashup

17 – Erotica

18 – La Isla Bonita

19 – Lucky Star

20 – Hung Up

here is a screenshot of a few pictures snapped at last night’s rehearsal – many thanks to madonnalicious!