lukas wins rockstar: supernova…

lukas wins rockstar: supernova…
September 13, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! i just got off an emotional rollercoaster ride from the finale of rockstar: supernova…i was seriously rooting for dilana to go all the way – i was majorly upset when the guys choose lukas rossi over her to front their new band supernova (the name is still wrangled up in legal issues)

even though i basically couldn’t stand lukas throughout the competition (he slaughtered courtney’s ‘celebrity skin’ a few weeks back which just killed me) as i watched them all play at the end for the first time as a ‘complete’ band – he seemed to be a perfect fit and mr. rossi finally won me over – my finale anger subsided – i was all ready to do a very scathing post! although they didn’t pick my favorite – i can now see why they picked him and was a smart choice!

i’m really curious to see if supernova achieves any commercial success – like last year the re-invention of INXS didn’t seem to really hit very hard at all – i think perhaps it’s because when hearing the name you can’t help but think of dearly departed lead singer michael hutchence – sadly they’re a band with some baggage – it’s hard to live up to such a great past – gosh i did love them – one of my favorite bands while growing up! so this year the newly formed band is heading out without any preconceived notions and a fresh slate! the boys best put out a single really soon – gotta strike while the iron is hot!

as for ms. dilana – no worries – she’ll actually make out much better as a solo artist – dave navarro even offered to play on her album and gilby clarke told her he’d help write & produce – she is wickedly talented and such a ‘character’ so it will be interesting to see what she does – she promised us fans something good would be coming down the pike – woo hoo! props also go out to both toby and magni who rounded out the final four – overall i really liked this season and it was a show i had no intention of watching but i now freely admit to getting sucked in! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!