Liz Taylor went on a date with a bear?!?

Liz Taylor went on a date with a bear?!?
January 29, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! see i told you it was retro day on popbytes…check out the legendary elizabeth taylor gracing the cover of the latest issue of interview magazine (feb ’07) which is chock full of ms. taylor pictures including ones never published before! if you’re fan of liz – this is a must have…it’s packed to the brim with one of the most beautiful women to ever be projected up on the silver screen! back in the day i think a little privacy went a long way by adding a touch of class to stars back then – today there’s no stone or pore (or paris) left unturned…

oh that liz – she’s still kicking today (on feb 27th she’ll turn 75) and what a character she has been! just recently she got involved with the upcoming presidential election when she endorsed hillary clinton by donating $100K to her campaign which was quickly cut down to the allowed donation limit of $2300! hollywood looks like it could be divided between mrs. clinton & barack obama…this could certainly be one of the most interesting elections we’ve seen (but don’t forget i abhor politics!)

towards the end of the magazine there’s this cool photo spread of liz going out with a bear named bonkers! (could he be husband number nine?!?) the ‘couple’ was photographed on a ‘date’ by the legendary bruce weber – the pictures were snapped back in ’05 at the greenfield ranch in thousand oaks CA but i hadn’t seen them published until now! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!